17 Jan

Ginseng Board of Wisconsin Announces Request for Proposals for Inspection Authorities

The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin (GBW) announced today that the organization is seeking to contract a maximum of two Inspection Authorities to certify Wisconsin ginseng as part of the organization’s seal program. The seal program is open to all ginseng producers and it provides purchasers with assurance that the ginseng they purchase is authentic Wisconsin ginseng.

Robert Kaldunski, President of the GBW, said, “Currently, the GBW has one inspection authority to protect the integrity of the seal program. Adding additional resources allows producers and distributors a choice while still meeting the criteria of protecting the seal.”

Some of the requirements of the Inspection Authority include verifying that the ginseng lots are residue tested per GBW specifications, verifying that the product is Wisconsin ginseng, and certifying that the root is cruised up to the quality standards of the importing country or the purchaser’s standards. Additionally, the Inspection Authority shall also be open and fair to all producers, be financially solid, and maintain confidentiality. For a complete list of the requirements, you may contact the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin. Interested parties should request an application from the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin by email to ginseng@ginsengboard.com or by phone to 715-443-2444. The application deadline is January 31, 2018.


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