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Ginseng Industry List of Authorized Seal Distributors in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam and Wisconsin Distributors

In order to maintain control of its ginseng and prevent continued trade piracy of the highly sought after Wisconsin Ginseng, the industry has selected regional distributors for sales of Wisconsin Ginseng and use of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin Seal. The distributors are:

Distributors AreThese distributors have been carefully selected to assure that they will provide quality to their customers.


GYJT Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) is a wholly state-owned enterprise authorized by Guangzhou municipal government to operate state-owned assets. GPHL is dedicated to the research and development of Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations, biological medicine and healthcare products, and to pharmaceutical logistics and distribution and healthcare service. With a history of 419 years, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings has ranked first on the list of  China’s top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies years since 2012 and ranked 165th on the list of China’s Top 500 Enterprises in 2018 and is the largest pharmaceutical conglomerate in the country.

HQYT The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin proudly announces the first non-exclusive distributor in China for 2016.

Shanghai Ren Yi Medicine Co. LTD (YJH) is a comprehensive company providing medicine delivery, TCM formulations, e-commerce and medical service. For years, Renyi has always put the quality at the first priority. Renyi has passed the CFDA’s GSP certification, and developed the ERP management system to make sure each client can purchase health care products with the highest quality.


Dean Medicine Company has a history of 300 years. Mr. Chang Yingde, the eleventh generation descendant, focuses on ginseng products (including whole roots, slices, tea, and other related products). They also engage in traditional Chinese medicinal materials, supplemented by biotechnology products.

Jappson Enterprise INC is a long standing importer of American Ginseng selling the products with the highest quality under owned brand “Xue Tian Ling” with professionalism and honesty in Taiwan.

Juien Guien Trading Company, LTD was selected as the distributor for Wisconsin Ginseng for Taiwan since 2010. JGT has been in the ginseng business since 1967 and has been supplying ginseng to pharmaceutical, food companies and various TCM channels. JGT strives to provide the best ginseng and health to the consumers.

Sun E. Herbal Company, LTD provides only high quality and 100% American Ginseng. Their unique American Ginseng retail store also shares the knowledge to all consumers on how to distinguish real American Ginseng.


Two Ocean Wellness was selected as the distributor for Wisconsin Ginseng for Singapore.


Ginseng & Herb Cooperative “Official Product Quality Certifier of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin. All ginseng processed through the GHC is tested and certified for quality assurance. Only pure Wisconsin ginseng is sold.”

Great Neck Healthy Food Company Concentrating its sales on the east coast of the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong. Great Neck Healthy Food Company is very particular about the type of ginseng it sells.

Heil Ginseng INC Ginseng Board introduces our first and only ginseng grower to carry GBW Trademark by meeting our strict specifications. New retail line 100% Wisconsin-100% of the time.

Magasam US Magasam US plays an important role in promoting American Ginseng knowledge to Vietnamese Americans in the United States. Magasam US also presents channels of the finest American Ginseng.

Prince of Peace In the U.S., Prince of Peace is a very popular brand of American ginseng sold in Asian markets and more than a hundred Costco stores throughout the U.S.


Green Plus Joint Stock Corporation is GBW’s partner in the country of Vietnam. Green Plus became an authorized distributor in 2017.


CR Care Company LTD is the health care specialty retail chain in Hong Kong.
They aim to promote synergy and beneficial effects by introducing Chinese and Western
health products to customers. 


Kohkan Pharmaceutical Institute Co. Ltd.  was established in 1960, with headquarters and a GMP factory located in Tokyo. They manufacture and sell medicine, cosmetics and supplements in the form of original products and OEM. Also, they pursue joint research and development for Wisconsin Ginseng products with a national university in Japan. 

Ginseng Board of WisconsinThese partnerships will assure customers that they are getting the highest quality American ginseng when they purchase their products from these distributors.